Paid Clinical Trials in Tampa

Adtremed Research Clinic, based in Tampa, specializes in conducting paid clinical trials in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Our focus is on advancing innovative and impactful treatments through comprehensive clinical research. We're committed to assisting you in finding and enrolling in trials that align with your specific needs and objectives.

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What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are structured medical investigations designed to gather information about both new and established treatment approaches. These trials employ statistical analysis to ascertain the safety and efficacy of a new treatment.The duration of studies can vary significantly based on their nature and the focus of examination, spanning from several months to several years.

Generally, clinical trials involve individuals affected by a particular medical condition seeking improved treatments or novel methods to handle their illness.

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Types of Clinical Trials


Treatment research concentrates on intervention, usually through medication, surgery, medical appliances, or therapy. Treatment-focused trials aim to look for solutions to specific problems.


The medical community will always prioritize prevention whenever possible, and Prevention Research helps. Prevention research checks out the different preventative processes available to potentially benefit our health, from vitamins and vaccines to nutrition and lifestyle choices.


These clinical trials focus on identifying specific health conditions and disorders through screening.

Genetic Studies

Genetic studies evaluate how we can predict disorders based on our genes' relation to potential illnesses.

Quality of Life

People struggling with chronic illnesses can benefit from Quality of Life research. These studies concentrate on the areas where health can be improved for patients in need of long-term care.